Technology industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world.

Along with the development and improvement of various technologies, people tend to check out innovations more actively, constantly educating themselves and willing to change their current smart devices and other electric appliances to new and more advanced devices. The volume of mobile phones, computers, TV sets, refrigerators, and other appliances used on a daily basis shows a tendency to increase. However, these appliances are no longer suited for use.

In reality a large part of these appliances, which no longer fulfil their function, are not recycled properly, thus causing harm to the environment — the waste ends up at landfill sites together with household waste or such waste is disposed of wherever possible — in forests, in ditches or backyard sheds.

Taking into account the fact that electric appliances contain very valuable components, i.e., precious metals and oil products, as well as heavily hazardous and toxic substances, i.e., cadmium, mercury, hazardous lead compounds, waste sorting and disposal thereof for proper treatment are vital to ensure retrieval of secondary use raw materials in the recycling process and transfer thereof to manufacturers.

If electric appliances are disposed of in an environmentally-unfriendly way, they cause harm to the environment, as well as human life and health.

            AS BAO offers free-of-charge disposal of used electric appliances and useless household appliances — computers, monitors, telephones, washing machines, TV sets, refrigerators, etc. — from natural persons and legal entities located in Riga, suburbs of Riga, Jelgava, and multiple municipalities (Babīte, Mārupe, Jūrmala, Ādaži, Garkalne, Carnikava, Stopiņi, Olaine, Salaspils, Tukums, Dobele).

You may apply for the service by calling: +371 67612259 on working days or write to 24 hours each day.

Please note that total volume of waste must be at least 30 kg in order to apply for the waste collection and disposal service.

Disposable electric appliances must be assembled together and in full assembly, for example, a refrigerator with a compressor, a computer with a mother board, because if it is attempted to disassemble an appliance at home, it is very likely to get hurt or cause harm to health or the environment due to hazardous substances contained by any electric or electronic appliance.

Upon disposal of the used household appliance for secondary use, you are being responsible towards the society and the environment — the less stages there are in the manufacturing process thereby contributing to the reduction of air, water, and soil pollution and use of energy, the smaller is the impact on climate change and the more successful is the planning of sustainable development, taking care of future generations.

A socially responsible conduct characterises a responsible inhabitant of this planet — as natural as buying a new refrigerator at a store, it is natural to dispose of used household appliances by transferring them to companies which with a high sense of responsibility will take care of proper recycling of the appliances.

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