Set of services — "Zaļais Birojs"/"Green Office"

"Most of companies and institutions in Latvia bear the responsibility for the storage and destruction of information processed by them. The relevant data carrier usually is paper, and it is mostly destroyed in a way detrimental and unsafe to the environment — by means of combustion or just throwing it out.

"Zaļais Birojs" is a convenient choice to solve several important issues of companies. It is a single service, which ensures destruction of confidential documents, collection of all kind of waste paper, as well as collection of daylight bulbs, used batteries, and old hardware.

If you conclude a contract with "Zaļais Birojs" for the single service, you can expect uniform expenses, i.e. the price is fixed in Riga and all other Latvian regions, which allows you to plan and save financial means usually paid to waste management companies for sorting these materials.

For your convenience we offer document destruction containers of two sizes. The lockable aluminium containers on wheels are easy to move around and are suitable for the storage, transportation and destruction of confidential documents.


Width — 48 cm, length — 58 cm, height — 101 cm. Capacity: 30 register files (DIN A4 standard) or ca. 100 kg of documents.
Width — 40 cm, length — 40 cm, height — 58 cm. Capacity: 10 register files (DIN A4 standard) or ca. 45 kg of documents

Services and technologies of document destruction used by JSC BAO are most safe and environment-friendly — the destroyed documents are transferred to paper recycling thus contributing to reduction of environment pollution.

JSC BAO ensures the highest level of data destruction confidentiality.

If you conclude a contract with "Zaļais Birojs" for the single service, upon additional notification, we shall accept for utilisation (up to 50 kg) daylight bulbs and outdated electronic devices placed next to the document containers free of charge.

We shall place a special cardboard container for the collection of batteries and waste paper!


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