Industrial and manufacturing waste

"Industrial and manufacturing waste — waste resulting from manufacturing or construction process (building, renovation or demolition of buildings —concrete, timber, metals, plasterboard, roof finishing materials, incl. from asbestos, etc.)

Waste of this type covers a wide range of materials, which differ both in the chemical composition and physical condition. Depending on the industry sector waste can be either organic or non-organic (fish product processing, timber processing, plastic processing waste, etc.)

A large amount of industrial waste can be hazardous (various solvents, paint residues, surface coating materials containing heavy metals, acids, alkali, oil products, etc.)

These may contain substances hazardous to the environment and human health; if these are disposed in a wrong way they can lead to soil contamination and contaminate underground waters as a result of precipitation.

JSC BAO has the capacity to work with all producing industrial companies, and solve issues of hazardous waste generated by them. Waste is collected with JSC BAO vehicles. It is transported in special containers designed for the transportation of hazardous waste. The collection of waste — repeated packaging, loading, and other related operations are carried out by JSC BAO experts, who have received the relevant training for such works.

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