Auto pārstrāde Office
Granīta iela 13, Riga, LV-1057
Tel.: +371 67898674
Auto pārstrāde Ltd. — operator and administrator of the system for the management of wrecked vehicles in Latvia. Find out more:

"The company Auto pārstrāde Ltd. was established at the end of 2004, and was aimed at the creation of an efficient system for the management of vehicle wrecks. Up until now a network of sites for the collection of wrecked vehicles has been established in Latvia, consisting of 38 districts.

Recycling of vehicles is eco-friendly and feasible, since raw materials are being saved and the harmful substances are not released into the environment.
• All liquids are pumped out of the old vehicle, and parts containing hazardous substances are separated;
• Non-ferrous and ferrous metals are sorted. Ferrous scrap metal is transformed into steel at the company Liepājas Metalurgs, and steel can be used, for instance, for the production of Christmas gingerbread forms;
• Tyres are cut up into small bits and used in road construction, insulation, etc.;
• Automotive batteries are delivered further for processing.

Let's take care wrecked vehicles do not pollute our roads, yards, and forests! By turning the wrecked vehicle in for processing you will contribute to a clean and beautiful environment, tidy yard and surroundings, and will support the initiative "For clean and tidy Latvia".

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