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Suur-Sõjamäe 37/39, 11415 Tallinn
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The Tallinn Centre for Hazardous Waste Collection collects hazardous waste, organises its transportation from its source, its repackaging and consolidation into larger batches, its preparation and processing (e.g. oily waste separation with the purification of water obtained as a result), as well as the shipping of the waste for final disposal.

We arrange the collection of hazardous waste from many manufacturing, repairs and other companies. According to the needs of the client, we organise the installation and timely emptying of containers necessary for collecting hazardous waste.

 BAO recycles the following types of waste:

- Oily waste

- Paints, varnishes

- Lacquers

- Glue

- Solvents

- Chemicals

- Medical drugs

- Fertilisers

- Asbestos

- Galvanic materials

- Mercury

- Packaging

- Rechargeable batteries

- Batteries

- Electronics

- Car tyres

We lease out the containers necessary for collecting waste; we can also arrange its removal, according to the wishes of the client.

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