Joint stock company BAO — the leading company of the industry in Latvia providing full-service collection, transportation, management and processing of hazardous waste. We are a Latvian company proud of its country, professionalism, global competitiveness, knowledge and self-developed technologies. We are responsible and professional, which is attested by the company growth and references from our cooperation partners. Our job is not limited to the management of hazardous waste only. Safe and clean environment — that is an issue of order!

Company’s Quality Management System Policy.

The main goal of A/S “BAO” is to reduce the environmental risk by providing safe management of hazardous waste. The collecting, transporting, storage, and processing of waste is performed by using only the best available technologies in strict compliance with the binding requirements of Latvian and international laws.
Each client is heard out and receives individual approach and the best conditions.
The fundamental value of our company is competent, qualified, and satisfied employees. In order to reach our goals, company’s management provides a pleasant and safe working environment to all employees.
We strive to ensure the utmost professionalism by continuous improvement with an aim to provide a high-quality and all-available service.
For an efficient management of these factors, the hazardous waste management company A/S “BAO” has developed a company management system which complies with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008. In addition to quality requirements this standard includes also environmental management system requirements pursuant to ISO 14001:2004.
All fields of company management system have been audited and certified in compliance with the aforementioned standards and builds up the company’s integrated management system. Combination of the most important aspects of company’s activity assists in reaching the common goals.
The integrated management system is an integral part of the commercial activity of A/S “BAO”. It allows for an effective understanding and meeting of clients’ wishes, as well as testifies the company’s responsibility in the field of environmental protection.

We know how to establish management infrastructure, and how to develop and apply innovations created in Latvia in practise, how to work globally. We are proud we are competitive and are an example to learn from. We are able to ensure the successful transfer of our know-how, thus making a significant contribution to the sustainability of environmental policy and development of green economy.

/Jānis Vilgerts, Chairman of the Council /

Since 1995 the business of joint stock company BAO is outlined by well-considered growth. We have significantly expanded our business; we have developed related BAO services and companies, and at present we can offer any services of due quality in relation to collection, removal, and processing of hazardous waste.

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